Summary Edit

"He drops a Cursed Lantern on the first crystal he touches"

Wesley is the most recent hero to be added in game updates. Like Mason, his power is triggered by walking over a point, dropping a stationary object on it.

Ability: Cursed Lantern Edit

Wesley drops his lantern on the first point he touches. The lantern and fires on ALL squads (except for Wesley's) that enter its radius, and prevents the point from being captured until it is destroyed. The lantern also prevents enemy lanterns (or stone wards from Mason) from being placed on its point.

Upgrades Edit

Level 7: Protective Lantern

Until Wesley places his Lantern, he gets an Armour bonus.

Level 17: Toxic

Defense only - The Cursed Lantern now damages all squads except Wesley's within its radius. It cannot be destroyed and does not prevent enemies from capturing the point it is on.

Despite its broken appearance, it continues to prevent enemies from placing their own lantern or stone ward on its point.

Level 23: Ghost

Adds a chance for the Lantern's Ghost to leave the Lantern and fight if you have less squads than your opponent.

Level 32: Captain's Crew

Increases the damage dealt by Serfs in his squad.

Level 57: Roving Lantern

Attack only - If the Cursed Lantern is on a Crystal, stepping on a second Crystal transfers the Lantern to that Crystal.

Strategy Edit

Wesly is a lone wolf.

Troop Pairings: Wesley does well with troops that will keep enemies in his poison as long as possible such as Serfs or Soldiers.

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