Summary Edit

"She summons a magical stag that fights with her."

Taigar is the third hero that the player acquires during the tutorial, after completing the second chapter. She is the first ranged hero, as well as the first hero with an active skill, the mystical stag.

Ability: Mystical Stag Edit

On Attack: drag the movement arrow to an enemy, wait 1s, release to summon the stag.

On Defense: Taigar summons a Stag to help her in battle. Tap it to set the timing of its apparition. The stag captures crystals.

Upgrades Edit

Level 1: Huntress


This ability increases the damage dealt by archers in Taigar’s squad.

Level 7: Forest's Boom Taigar enhances the strength and duration of the forest armor bonus for her squad.

Level 23 / Chapter 18: Sacred Ground

Allows the stag to capture points.

Level 32 / Chapter 28: Bramble Arrow

Arrow makes brambles, slows enemies.

Level 57 / Chapter 28: Deep Bond

Doubles forest armour bonus

Strategy Edit

Taigar is best used as a ranged hero, as she gives a bonus to the damage of archers in her squad. In addition, her mystical stag ability is excellent at keeping her a safe distance away from her enemies, as it forces opposing squads to divert their attention onto it.

On defense, having her stag spawn on the first available point as close to the end as possible (once it gains the capturing ability) will often win you that point.

Troop Pairings: Taigar naturally does very well with Archers due to her built in bonus. She can also do well with Knights , as she can gain her forest armour bonus and then quickly move to an important fight somewhere else.

Detailed Statistics Edit

Level Health Armour Melee damage Ranged damage Price for upgrade Time for upgrade
0 309 18 60 80
1 339 19 66 88 80 G 3 m
2 373 21 72 96 280 G 5 m
3 410 23 79 106 650 G 15 m
5 497 28 96 128 ? ?
6 546 31 106 141 9,000G


7 602 35 117 156
8 661 38 128 171 25,000G


9 729 42 141 188 48,000G



20 2119 121 403 538 ? ?