Summary Edit

"Soldiers can take damage as well as they dish it out"

Soldiers are effectively upgraded serfs; they have higher health, higher attack, and actually have an armor stat. They cannot have a squad size of higher than 6, however they do have a smaller squad size maximum. Overall, they have more natural damage output than serfs even with the smaller squad size. While their overall health is lower, the extra high armor more than makes up for it.

Strategy Edit

Soldiers are built to take damage from enemy units such as serfs & archers, as their armor rating reduces damage significantly, allowing them to lead the charge effectively without sacrificing too great a deal of health.

Soldiers can protect and absorb damage for Archers as well as Sentries well. Every melee hero can pair well with soldiers, because of how flexible they are.


  • Sentries can ignore armor, causing the damage reduction which makes knights so durable to make them seem weak.

Individual Troop Statistics Edit

Level Health Armor Melee Damage Ranged Damage Price Time
0 - - -
1 247 22 66 -
2 272 24 72 - 8m
8 481 42 128 -
9 531 47 141 - 43,000G



Squad Statistics Edit

Number of Troops Price Time Requirements
1 3,780P 2h 6m Chapter 26
2 6,800G


4h 12m
3 20,160G


4h 54m
4 58,212G



12h 36m