"Sentries have long reach and hit through armour, but they're not particularly tough"

Summary Edit

Sentries are fragile but also the most lethal of all troops.

Special ability - Armour piercing Edit

Sentries' attacks ignore their targets' armour rating. This ability works only on the armour rating but has no effect on other sources of damage reduction, like the Frozen state (e.g. Freya's Ice wave). Because the forest terrain bonus doesn't give a bonus by itself but increases the armour rating, sentries ignore it too.

Strategies Edit

Sentries are the glass cannons of the game, capable of dealing out the highest damage in the game, tied with Brutes. Brutes however, do not have the option of a squad size of five, which gives them more total damage output when use properly.

Sentries like to be behind units like Serfs or Soldiers while attacking, as they have the ability to attack while still behind these units. This allows them to deal high damage while shielded from damage themselves. Brutes and Knights also provide cover, though their squad sizes are more limited making them less optimal.

Heroes which can offer protection of some sort such as Baba's stealth can make sentries untargetable until the fight has begun. Ozzy can teleport into combat and stun opponents nearby, giving sentries openings to attack and quickly take down key opponents. Balthor can also stun all enemies, including ranged attackers, making them less vulnerable during this time.

Notes Edit

Due to the long reach of their weapons, sentries can hit from the second rank, allowing them to fight more efficiently than other melee troops.

Individual Troop Statistics Edit

Level Health Armor Melee Damage Ranged Damage Price Time
0 140 10 95 - - -
1 154 11 104 - 1,000G 1m
2 169 12 114 - 1,600G 8m
3 186 13 126 -
4 204 14 138 - 3,600G 1h 12m
5 225 16 152 - 5,400G 2h 24m
6 247 17 168 - 9,000G


4h 48m
7 273 19 185 - 14,000G


20 942 67 639 - ? ?

Squad Statistics Edit

Number of troops Price Time Requirements
1 2,000G 23m 30s Chapter 30
2 6,720G


4h 12m Chapter 30
3 35,000G


4 140,000G



15h 24m