Summary Edit

"Mason places a Stone Ward on the first Crystal he touches"

Mason rocks.

Ability: Stone Ward Edit

The first point that Mason walks over receives a stone ward, which attacks nearby enemies and prevents the point from being recaptured until it is destroyed.

Upgrades Edit

Level 1: Catapult


The stone ward gains a ranged attack. It cost 200 golds and 3 minutes to unlock.

Level 6: Spinning Kick

Mason has a chance to perform an alternate kick attack, which strikes all adjacent enemies.

Level 23 / Chapter 18: Fists of Stone

Bonus Damage until stone ward is placed.

Level 32 / Chapter 28: Stone Armour

The stone ward gains bonus armour.

Level 57 / Chapter 28: Stone Spikes

The stone ward attacks gain bonus damage.

Strategy Edit

Mason's Stone Ward ability makes him ideal for defense, but also powerful on attack, if his squad plays around the Warded crystal.

Troop Pairings: Mason defends points very well, making him a good match for beefy units like Serfs or Brutes.

Detailed Statistics Edit

Level Health Armor Melee Damage Ranged Damage Price Time
2 363 24 84 - 280G 5m
3 399 26 93 - 650G 15m
4 438 29 438 - 2,700G 45m
5 483 32 112 - 5,400G 1h 30m
7 585 39 156 - ? ?
8 642 42 171 - 25,000G


9 707 47 189 - 48,000G




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