"Knights are faster than other units, but are limited by their meagre numbers."

Summary Edit

Knights are unlocked at Chapter 11, and at which point they can be upgraded in the Forge once their Camp has been placed. Knights can move faster than the default speed that other units move at.

Strategy Edit

Knights have the highest speed of any unit, making them excellent for a quick initiation into combat, but also for capturing faraway crystals when the timer puts you under pressure.

Thanks to their speed and armor they are excellent for engaging into enemy Archers, as they take minimal damage from ranged attacks & mitigate a good chunk of damage by their melee attacks thanks to their light armor and archer’s poor melee attack stat.

Balthor can utilize knights well thanks to his Thunderstrike ability being activated by his first attack, as it quickly closes the gap between him and his enemies. Freya can quickly freeze an enemy trying to engage her at a choke point and quickly run past while with knights. Baba’s stealth allows her squad to roam almost freely and take crystals that are unguarded or poorly guarded. Cladwall gives knights in his squad an armor boost at later levels, further increasing their potency.

Individual Troop statistics Edit

Level Health Armour Melee damage Ranged damage Price Time
0 185 15 64 - - -
1 203 16 70 - 750G 1m
2 246 19 85 - 1,200G 7m 30s
4 270 21 93 - 4,500G
5 297 24 103 - 6,800G 2h 15m
6 327 26 113 -
7 360 29 124 - 14,000G 


8 395 32 136 -
9 436 35 151 - 48,000G



20 1245 100 471 - ? ?

Squad Statistics Edit

Number of Troops Price Time Requirements
1 1,500G 6m Chapter 11
2 3,300G 49m 30s Chapter 11
3 39,600G



7h 42m Chapter 39
4 858,000G



Hero level 50