Summary Edit

"She moves squads efficiently around the battlefield"

Ability: Falcon Strike Edit

On Attack: Drag onto a friendly squad, then release to recall all squads within the falcon radius to Iriel.

On Defense: Set the falcon to any position. When an enemy moves into the falcon area, Iriel arrives in a whirlwind.

Upgrades Edit

Level 7: Tracker Falcon

The bird can be snapped to a friendly squad on defense. When that squad is engaged in combat, her ability triggers.

Level 17: Piercing Eyes

Bird can detect invisible units, triggering the ability when an invisible enemy enters the trigger zone.

Level 23: Sand Storm

When her power triggers, Iriel and her squad gain +10 armour and +10% damage for 4 seconds.

Level 32: Armour Bonus

Her squad gains an armour bonus until her bird is used.

Level 57: Howling Wind

Chance of alternate attack, a twister that moves and stuns enemies within a radius of the twister movement.

Stat Boost Edit

Level Health Armor Melee Damage Ranged Damage Upgrade Price Upgrade Time
7 643 39 136 -
8 706 42 149 - 25,000G


9 778 47 165 - 48,000G




Strategy Edit

One does not simply walk into her trigger zone.

Troop Pairings: On defense, high damage ambush units such as Sentries or Knights. On Attack, Knights are also very useful for quickly moving to an advantageous position and then bringing all your other squads there.

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