"Archers provide excellent support but are weak in melee combat"

Summary Edit

Archers are the only ranged troops. Archers are unlocked at the first chapter and it's the second unit unlocked.

Strategy Edit

Archers are the first and second weakest attackers in the game; their melee attack is worse than the serfs, though they make up for it with the fact that they have a ranged attack which not only does more damage, but also starts damaging opponents before the fight even begins.

Archers' power can be capitalized on with other troops in front of them, stopping them from being forced into their weak melee attack. Serfs are great for this, as they have great health and the highest squad count possible for any given squad. Knights and Brutes also provide this distance as they have high health and armor without the weaker attack of serfs, but they do lack squad size.

Taigar and Baba both utilize archers well, as these heroes give extra damage to all archers in their squad at later levels. Ranged heroes such as Pepper and Freya tend to be who archers are paired with.


  • Archers have no armor, low health, and the weakest melee attack in the game, making them bad without some form of protection.
  • Baba's stealth prevents archers from damaging her until she has appeared, typically in melee combat.
  • Taigar's Mystical Stag can be used against archers to force them into melee combat immediately.


Individual Troop Statistics Edit

Level Health Armour Melee damage Ranged damage Price Time
0 80 - 30 50 - -
1 88 - 33 55 170G 20s
2 96 - 36 60 310G 5m
3 106 - 39 66 740G ?
4 116 - 43 73 2,800G 1h 7m
5 128 - 48 80 ? ?
6 141 - 53 88 10,000G


7 156 - 58 97 ? ?
8 171 - 64 107 26,000G


7h 30m
9 188 - 70 117 36,000G




Squad Statistics Edit

Number of Troops Price Time Requirements
1 125G 20s
2 360G 2m
3 1,875G 22m 30s
4 5,400G


1h 30m
5 17,500G


2h 30m Chapter 31
6 49,600G



5h 30m Chapter 39
7 238,000G



Hero level 49